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A dreamer doesn't know they're dreaming,

but they damned sure know when they're awake.

Return to the Otherworld in the award winning Soul of Lyskerrys, the second novel set in the beguilling but dangerous universe of Enys Avalen.

Winner of its category in the 2020 Holyer an Gof awards, The Soul of Lyskerrys follows Liam Verren, now in his early twenties, as a series of waking dreams cause him to doubt his sanity.

At the same time his best friend Jacob Trevorrow is struggling with issues of his own that he is reluctant to discuss.

The appearance in his hometown of Kerenza, a woman Liam has previously only dreamed of, could provide the answers he needs.

In a city without a soul, where the magic is failing, a ghost walks the streets.
If Liam is to help the people he has grown to love, he must undertake a perilous journey between worlds and through time in pursuit of a thief who can't be seen.

Welcome back to the Otherworld - it's been too long.

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